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Meadowrig Limousins are sold privately or at local, regional and national sale centres around the country. Please find details of any stock for sale and do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in receiving any further information.



    A stylish bull by our stock bull Festival and out of a tremendous young French cow. Icon has been semen tested and is ready for work immediately. All the Festival progeny have a similar quiet nature and easy to handle.

    • D.O.B.: UK 564413/200056
    • Tag nº: 15/04/2013
    • Dam: FEE (COLONEL)


    Ivan is a well grown son of Festival weighing well over 1000 kilos. His dam is by Wilodge Vantastic out of a very strong female line at Ironstone. Ivan has been semen tested and is ready for work. He is entered for Stirling in October.

    • D.O.B.: UK 564413/500052
    • Tag nº: 26/03/2013
    • Sire: FESTIVAL


  • Meadowrig Grace

    Meadowrig Grace

    Grace is sold in calf to Festival. Her dam is the outstanding Ironstone Cinderella, winner of numerous Championships during 2013 including Interbreed Beef Champion at Northumberland Show. Grace's half brother (sired by Festival) recently sold for 6500gns. The combination therefore of Festival & Grace should be very exciting. Pictured left is Cinderella after winning the breed Championship at Bywell. Grace was entered for sale at H&H Carlisle 14/15 February 2014 and sold to the Stripeside herd in Banffshire.

    • D.O.B.: 08/10/2011
    • Tag nº: UK 564413/100027
    • Sire: Rathkeeland Dylan
    • Dam: Ironstone Cinderella
  • Meadowrig Iona

    Meadowrig Iona

    Iona is one of the first females to be offered for sale by Festival and is out of a tremendous breeding line at Brockhurst. Packed with breeding greats, this heifer's pedigree should be noted. Iona was entered for sale at H&H Carlisle 14/15 February 2014 and was sold to Messrs Taylor of the Thornby herd.

    • D.O.B.: 03/03/2013
    • Tag nº: UK 564413/600046
    • Sire: Festival (Celestin)
    • Dam: Brockhurst Fidget (Cerberus)
  • Meadowrig Harris

    Meadowrig Harris

    Meadowrig Harris is the first bull calf born at Meadowrig sired by our stock bull Festival and is out of the noted cow Ironstone Cinderella. She recently won the Interbreed Pedigree Championship at the 2013 Northumberland County Show and won 9 championships in total duing the 2013 show season. Harris shows tremendous potential at only 8 months of age with the expectional muscling of his sire combined with the growth and style of his dam.

    • D.O.B.: 09/11/2012
    • Tag nº: UK 564413100041
    • Sire: Festival (Celestin)
    • Dam: Ironstone Cinderella (Nebo Viking)


  • Meadowrig Gladiator

    Meadowrig Gladiator

    Full French pedigree polled genetics on offer. This is a new polled line with extreme width of pelvis. This is a guarenteed easy calving bull, polled with muscle as well. This will be a very big bull.

    • D.O.B.: 27/10/2011
    • Tag nº: UK 564413/500031
    • Sire: Eternal (Vrai)
    • Dam: Dany (Volcain)
  • Meadowrig Godzilla

    Meadowrig Godzilla

    Well muscled bull combing the famous Sympa & Wilodge Vantastic lines. His maternal sister was part of the winning group of three at Carlisle Red Ladies Day 2012. Godzilla sold for 4200gns.

    • D.O.B.: 24/10/2011
    • Tag nº: UK 564413/300029
    • Sire: Gorrycam Diarra (Sympa)
    • Dam: Ironstone Chantelle (Wilodge Vantastic)
  • Ironstone Foxglove

    Ironstone Foxglove

    Foxglove is a lovely heifer with great shape. She is thick and is out of a lovely Wilodge Vantastic cow. Foxglove was Ai´d 27/09/2012 to Haltcliffe Underwriter. The resulting progeny will combine the highly successful Sympa with the Vantastic dam line. Foxglove is entered for Red Ladies Day at Carlisle, December 2012. Scanned in calf 13/11/2012. **Sold 2800gns**

    • D.O.B.: 21/10/2010
    • Tag nº: UK 283142/401184
    • Sire: Teddy (Palace)
    • Dam: Ironstone Chantelle (Wilodge Vantastic)
  • Ironstone Fabregas

    Ironstone Fabregas

    Fabregas is a tremendous heifer that is reluctantly forward for sale. She has the size, width and presence of her mother who is one of the best breeding cows in the herd. She is a real cow maker and will surely go on to breed well. Fabregas was Ai´d 27/09/2012 with Haltcliffe Underwriter whose sire is the famous Sympa. The resulting progeny will be impressive. She is entered for Red ladies Day, Carlisle December 2012. Scanned in calf 13/11/2012. **Sold 2600gns**

    • D.O.B.: 01/11/2010
    • Tag nº: UK 283142/401198
    • Sire: Teddy (Palace)
    • Dam: Ironstone Charity (Wildoge Vantastic)
  • Newmeadows Fernando

    Newmeadows Fernando

    Newmeadows Fernando is a good Tonka son with style, width and good legs. His dam is a big powerful daughter of Silex and his sire has bred sons to 50 000gns.

    • D.O.B.: 24/12/2010
    • Tag nº: UK 560141/400040
    • Sire: Wilodge Tonka (Oxygene)
    • Dam: Gunnerfleet Bellissa (Silex)
  • Dyke Ego

    Dyke Ego

    Dyke Ego will be sold at Sirling "Perth" Bull sales in October 2011. He has worked and cows have been Pd'd in calf. He weighed 960 kilos on 15/10/2011. **Sold for 3500gns**

    • D.O.B.: 15/11/2009
    • Tag nº: UK 543107/100682
    • Sire: Ardback Taketime
    • Dam: Dyke Azalea (Haltcliffe President)
  • Newmeadows Fiji

    Newmeadows Fiji

    A twin to another bull, Fiji is a well grown son of Arthur, pictured when sold for 10 000€ at Roscrea. His sons have sold to 8000 gns at Carlisle. Fiji's dam is a well-bred limousin cow with plenty of power. Her daughters are all retained in the herd and are producing well. ****Fiji has been sold privately and will be exported to Holland at the beginning of March 2012.****

    • D.O.B.: 16/08/2010
    • Tag nº: UK 560141/600035
    • Sire: Fairymount Arthur (Nenuphar)
    • Dam: Woodhouse Sara (Marron)


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