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The first limousins to hit the ground at Meadowrig were two embryo heifers by Broadmeadows Luigi out of Woodhouse Sara, herself an embryo from the very successful breeding line of Uplands Carmine. Following that, important additions were made to the herd during 2011 in the form of Brockhurst Fuzzy, a daughter of Ronick Mcainsi purchased for 7000 gns as a 6 month old calf and Brockhurst Freestyle purchased as a 4 month old calf out of Reseda for 5 600 gns. Haltcliffe Epson was then purchased at the on-farm Haltcliffe production sale for 15 000 gns. She was purchased for her shape, style and the depth of her pedigree. Further exiciting additions to our herd  were made in the form of three imported heifers from top herds in France. Fatima, Facetie and Fée were bought for their exceptional growth, style and breeding and we are very hopeful that these heifers will make important contributions to our herd in the future. in 2012, Miscombe Eider joined the line up at Meadowrig bringing with her an outstanding pedigree filled with some of the breed's greats including Jersey, Jockey, Titan, Oxygene combined with the outstanding breeding line of Broadmeadows Jay.

  • Meadowrig Eva

    Meadowrig Eva

    Eva was an exceptional calf from birth and has remained so to date. Weighing over 620 kilos at 400 days, as a heifer she displayed incredible growth and style from birth. Her pedigree must be noted and counting the number of "Royal Show" champions and winners therein is not an easy task: Broadmeadows Didi, Broadmeadows Ainsi, Fieldhouse Rita, Uplands Carmen, Señorita, Jencra Gemma, Hampton Nadine etc. Eva herself had a successful show season in 2011 competing for top prizes at the Royal Highland Show and at Northumberland County Show. Eva was Supreme Limousin Champion on her only outing in 2014 at Berwickshire County Show and won 1st at 2015 Northumberland Show and Overall Reserve Breed Champion, 1st at Highland Show, 1st Scottish Grandprix at Turriff and Best Exhibitor Bred Animal. Her daughters Jura & Maeva will make expectional females. She has recently been flushed to Ampertaine Gigolo & Trueman Jagger.

    • D.O.B.: 25/08/2009
    • Tag nº: UK 564413300001
    • Sire: Broadmeadows Luigi (Cannon)
    • Dam: Woodhouse Sara (Marron)


  • Lodge Blush

    Lodge Blush

    Lodge Blush was purchased as a calf at foot at the Lodge production sale in 2006 and passed into the Meadowrig herd in 2011. She has had a successful show career including: ___________________________________________________________ - 2008 1st place at the Highland Show ___________________________________________________________ - 2008 Interbreed Champion at Berwickshire County ___________________________________________________________ - 2008 Breed Champion at Border Union Show. ___________________________________________________________ - 2012 3rd prize at Highland Show ___________________________________________________________ - 2012 Interbreed Champion at the Border Union Show ___________________________________________________________ - 2012 Interbreed Champion at Berwickshire County ___________________________________________________________ - 2012 2nd Scottish Exhibitor Female of the Year ___________________________________________________________ Blush is an extremely long cow with good size and shape. Her first heifer calf was sold into a pedigree herd. Unforunately no longer with us, Blush's legacy continues in the daughters we have retained in the herd; namely Imogen & Jessie J.

    • D.O.B.: 22/08/2006
    • Tag nº: UK 542928/700183
    • Sire: Ronick Urinocco (Ronick Rascard)
    • Dam: Lodge Plush (Ronick Luke)


  • Ironstone Cinderella

    Ironstone Cinderella

    Cinderella is a huge cow with real presence and style. She is breeding very well in the herd leaving strong females and bulls. Her most recent bull calf, Meadowrig Harris is a real square beast with lots of potential sired by our stock bull Festival. Cinderella was shown successfully by Smiths of Bloxham as a heifer winning first prizes at local shows such as Edenbridge & Oxted. At Meadowrig, she took the Female, Overall and Interbreed Championships at the 2013 Northumberland Show. Her showing accolades include: ___________________________________________________________ - 2013 Female Champion Northumberland Show ___________________________________________________________ - 2013 Breed Champion Northumberland Show ___________________________________________________________ - 2013 Interbreed Beef Champion Northumberland Show. ___________________________________________________________ - 2013 Female Champion Berwickshire County Show ___________________________________________________________ - 2013 Reserve Breed Champion Berwickshire County Show ___________________________________________________________ - 2013 Reserve Female Champion Border Union Show ___________________________________________________________ - 2013 Reserve Breed Champion Border Union Show _________________________________________________________ She has a beef value of 39 placing her in the top 1% in the country.

    • D.O.B.: 03/08/2007
    • Tag nº: UK 283142/300791
    • Sire: Nebo Viking (Nenuphar)
    • Dam: Tweedside Selma (Jockey)


  • Meadowrig Hope

    Meadowrig Hope

    Hope was always a lovely calf and has since turned into a super heifer. Her dam Fuzzy is the only full sister to Brockhurst Option, the great breeding cow behind much of the success at Millington Grange. This makes Hope the same way bred as Millington Davina (Royal Show Champion and later sold for 28 000 gns) Millington choice (10 000 gns) and the very successful Millington Gorgeous (Junior Champion Royal Welsh 2012). In the 2013 Scottish Herd Club Competition, Judge Gary Swindlehurst, of Procters Fame, placed Hope 3rd best 2012 born heifer in Scotland despite being a November born beast. Her full sister Meadowrig Jainsi will also be one to look out for!

    • D.O.B.: 04/11/2012
    • Tag nº: UK 564413/600039
    • Sire: Mas Du Clo
    • Dam: Brockhurst Fuzzy
  • Haltcliffe Epson

    Haltcliffe Epson

    Epson was purchased for 15 000gns at the on-farm Haltcliffe sale in the Summer of 2011. She has great shape and has that extremely successful combination of Sympa x Cloughhead Umpire in her pedigree. Epson had a lovely heifer by Co-Pilot which we have retained for breeding. Her next calf is the pick of the Spring born 2014 calves, a bull calf by Festival. We think a lot of this young cow.

    • D.O.B.: 23/10/2009
    • Tag nº: UK 100996300877
    • Sire: Sympa (Octopus)
    • Dam: Haltcliffe Ava (Cloughhead Umpire)


  • Meadowrig Era

    Meadowrig Era

    Era is very large cow and is full sister to Meadowrig Eva. Era weighed around 580 kg at 400 days and has displayed exceptional growth from an early age. She has a wonderful temperament and has been shown successfully being part of the winning Interbreed Team at Northumberland in 2011. She is breeding very well for the herd and calved an exceptional Wilodge Cerberus heifer calf(Meadowrig Holly) in early January 2012. Era and Holly were placed fourth behind her embryo sister in a very strong class of Junior cows at the 2012 Royal Highland Show. Other daughters to be retained include Lizzie and Marsha.

    • D.O.B.: 30/08/2009
    • Tag nº: UK 564413500003
    • Sire: Broadmeadows Luigi (Cannon)
    • Dam: Woodhouse Sara (Marron)


  • Miscombe Eider

    Miscombe Eider

    Eider is a beautifully bred young cow purchased for her exceptional dam line going back to Broadmeadows Jay. Her pedigree includes a number of the breed's great sires: Oxygene, Jockey, Titan, Jersey all combined with the outstanding brood cow Broadmeadows Jay, who sold for 10 000gns at the Broadmeadows dispersal sale. Eider is a large framed cow, long and extremely sytlish.

    • D.O.B.: 06/04/2009
    • Tag nº: UK 282277/200425
    • Sire: Oxygene (Janvier)
    • Dam: Miscombe Blackbird (Truffaut)
  • Sarkley Ellacomb

    Sarkley Ellacomb

    Ella is a fine heifer with good all-round breed qualties. She is a large framed heifer with plenty of style. Her dam, Soneycomb is from a good line and has bred well at Sarkley. We were pleased to secure this heifer at the Sarkley production sale in 2011. Ellacomb calved a lovely heifer calf by Carmorn Copilot in March (Meadowrig Honeycomb) and will now be settled in calf to Festival.

    • D.O.B.: 11/06/2009
    • Tag nº: UK 700643/601004
    • Sire: Saunders Stallone (C. Jurrasic)
    • Dam: Sarkley Soneycomb (Jockey)
  • Fée


    Fée was purchased from the Brive national show in September 2011 for 5600 Euros. She is the second heifer we have purchased from Chatelus and is already showing great promise. She was placed 1st in the "Stars of the future" senior heifer calf class in November 2011. She went on to win 1st prize in the intermediate heifer class at the Border Union Show. Fée was flushed to our stock bull "Festival" in January 2012 and her first calf was born in November 2012. Fée has a beef value of 34.

    • D.O.B.: 01/09/2010
    • Tag nº: FR 23-11-158-852
    • Sire: Colonel (Neuf)
    • Dam: Tartine (Ouragon)


  • Fatima


    Fatima was purchased at the KBS Prestige XII sale in Brive for 12 800€. She had stood as Junior Champion at the Correze Limousin Show the week proceeding the sale. She arrived at Meadowrig in September 2011 and has already made her mark. She stood a very close 2nd in her section at the "Stars of the Future" 2011 show in Forfar in Novemember and went on to win fifth place in a very large class of intermediate heifers at the 2012 Royal Highland Show. She excells in growth, width and style. Currently with a terrific "L" heifer at foot this cow is sure to leave a great legacy at Meadowrig.

    • D.O.B.: 26/10/2010
    • Tag nº: FR 2311390584
    • Sire: Dandy (Arliquet)
    • Dam: Tocade (RicRac)
  • Facetie


    Facetie is the great granddaughter of Operette, dam of the famous Sympa and is the only registered direct female descendant of Operette in the UK. She was purchased at the KBS Prestige XII sale from Germain Souton in Brive France. Apart from her breeding, Facetie is a very long, well grown and feminine heifer. We will be flushing her to Sympa in January 2012. Facetie has a beef value of 25.

    • D.O.B.: 02/10/2010
    • Tag nº: FR 48-11-017-624
    • Sire: Bibi (Tirfondru)
    • Dam: Aperette (Nenuphar)
  • Gondole


    Gondole was purchased at the 2012 KBS Prestige XIII Sale in Brive from the famous Champeval herd. She is a thick-set stylish heifer with plenty of length and power. Her sire, Celestin is stock bull at Champeval; he is also sire of our own stock bull Festival. We hope the heifer will go on to produce well for the herd and believe she has a wonderful future ahead.

    • D.O.B.: 09/10/2011
    • Tag nº: FR 1934919317
    • Sire: Celestin (Objat)
    • Dam: Candidie (Tango)

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