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With the increase in female numbers during 2011, we decided to invest in a stock bull for the herd to begin the process of refining the breeding of the animals put forward for sale. We will also continue to use Ai where necessary and believe that the combination of top quality males and females is key to increasing the overall standard of our stock. To date Ai  bulls include: Broadmeadows Luigi, Mas du Clo, Ronick Matador, Carmorn Copilot, Sympa, Cloughhead Umpire, Haltcliffe Underwriter, Ampertaine Abracadabra and Wilodge Cerberus to name a few. Our new stock bull, Festival has a full pedigree bursting with well-muscled bulls and big-framed cows. We hope that he passes on his outstanding muscling to our future progeny. Semen will be collected from Festival in December 2011 and will be available for sale thereafter. If you are interested in purchasing semen then please contact us by sending an email on the contact-us page.

  • Festival


    Festival was purchased from the Champeval herd for 16 500 gns as a yearling bull. He was the stand-out bull at the sale in Brive for his shape, width and docility. Pictured here as Overall Male Champion at the Northumberland County show 2012, Festival has continued to do well since arriving at Meadowrig in September 2011: ___________________________________________________________ - 2012: 1st Royal Highland Show ___________________________________________________________ - 2012: 4th Marks & Spencer beef breeder RHS ___________________________________________________________ - 2012: Male Champion Northumberland County ___________________________________________________________ - 2012: Male Champion Berwickshire County ___________________________________________________________ - 2012: 2nd Scottish Exhibitor Male of the Year ___________________________________________________________ Some heifers were flushed to Festival in early 2012 and his first calves were born (easily) in November 2012. The combination of the Objat and Nectar lines has resulted in a heavily muscled bull which combines strong maternal qualities along with exceptional ease of calving. If you would like to purchase semen, then please contact us by clicking on the Contact Us page. Semen UK only: ___________________________________________________________ £15.00 per straw with a £50.00 royalty fee. Postage and Packaging will be charged at cost. ___________________________________________________________

    • D.O.B.: 05/09/2010
    • Tag nº: FR 19-34-079-179
    • Sire: Celestin (Objat)
    • Dam: Becassine (Nectar)


  • Kaprico Germander

    Kaprico Germander

    Purchased from Bruce Goldie for 8000gns, this sire was purchased to complement the great work that Festival has done leaving quality females throughout the herd. The mix of Sympa with the tremendous line of Kaprico Tansy will hopefully leave some great breeding cows in the herd. His size, scale power and style will hopefully click well with the breeding base and his EBVs are off-the scale with a BV56. We are looking forward to seeing the first calves early in 2016.

    • D.O.B.: 04/07/2011
    • Tag nº: UK 106173/400067
    • Sire: Sympa
    • Dam: Kaprico Erica

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